Come Hell or High Water – Bouyan IVa

This was a mostly roleplay session, and pretty short.

The Vechernaya sisters called out to the other priests of the island, and summoned a lot of junior worshippers of the old gods to the temple.
Meanwhile, Blind Nico called his men and a map was drawn to plan the next phase.

Before the party’s attack on the prison and breaking out their people, they had time to prepare.

The Kobold brewed a strange potion in his copper pot with various spell components, blue roses, the spit from different priests, and the various remains of pigeons he found in the temple.
One potion is green, one is blue, and some purple remains he used to tip his crossbow bolts.
When he poured the remains of the green potion on a nearby plant, it bloomed with a strange flower usually only seen in the depths of the forest.
When he fired one of the crossbow bolts at a target, he missed and hit a wall, but the bolt exploded in a cloud of frost.

The party rested.
The Tiefling had a dream about being in a field of bright corn, near a tree with glowing green leaves. She felt the presence of her god at one shoulder, and another presence at her other shoulder. When she woke and told the assembled group, Ivan the high priest of the White God identified the field and tree as being a place seen in visions of his own god, and believed that Bielebog had bestowed his blessing upon her.
The Kobold woke up in the black place with water underfoot. He heard singing in the distance, and followed it to it’s source – Baba Yaga in her kitchen, brewing more of her blue rose potion. She pointed the Kobold to her bookcase – his earlier question about the Chained God had peaked her interest. He saw a book glowing on the shelf, and when he touched it he awoke clutching his own book of magic close to himself – despite not holding it when he fell asleep. Opening it, the book was filled with new knowledge and magical spells.
The others all engaged in a training montage with Nico’s men.

I gave everyone a level for Christmas, I’m so nice.

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