Loge’s Recurring Dream

So, Loge is once again mildly incapacitated and completely unconscious. Seems like a good time for him to have another of his recurring dreams.

He slowly wakes up on a plain of rapidly-cooling black lava flows, and icy gale in the air. At the horizon in most directions is a red glow but in one is a wall of white.
Beside him sits a white fox, looking quizzical. When he moves, the fox runs away but loiters at a distance, the only feature on the black plain.

Loge feels compelled to follow the fox, and does so, towards the wall of white. After a short time, black flakes of ash start to fall, though as they proceed the ash begins to turn to snow until Loge stands between large drifts as tall as he is.

Following the fox, as much by footprints as by seeing the fox itself, eventually, Loge finds himself surrounded by large fir trees, growing from the drifts, incredibly high.

The forest of trees gives way to a stone circle, carved from the black lava and some form of a blue crystal, glowing slightly.
The fox sits in the centre of the circle, then all at once becomes his mother. She holds in her hands a series of black stones, carved with runes. Some of the runes glow in the same light as the crystal in the stone circle.

Then Loge usually wakes up.

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