New Idea – Frostpunk

So after seeing the videogame Frostpunk, I had a couple of ideas. If you don’t know it, it’s an alternate history sci-fi thing where the world gets plunged into an ice age in the Victorian era.

So, how to play it?
Well, there’s always FATE. That would work pretty well. I like the idea of a sort of survival game based on it. Numenera could work well too.

DREAD would be very cool.

But of course, with D&D being my main game at the moment, I was thinking how to throw D&D at the problem.
So, borrowing a bit from the old Frostfell setting book for 3.5, and maybe with some kind of similar threat to a fantasy world as a sudden ice age (but I guess magic -based instead of science, bloody ice giants!).

I like the idea of the survival elements, and the heat sources, and trying to find shelter and stuff. 
Fighting off the cold as an encounter or two would be interesting for a change, especially if there’s some kind of magical cold creeping in to everything.

The Frostfell and a few other 3.5 rules had Ice Elves and Ice Goblins and stuff. I think you could work pretty well without, or having a few other different odds and ends – husky-based gnolls maybe?

The Punk part of Frostpunk might be harder to pull off. If the world is falling apart from the cold, then trying to cope with everything and forging a new system fits, or if there’s some kind of evil Ice King or Queen, then there’s a built in anti-authority element there.

Hmm, yeah, have a few ideas there now. Might work. Will write something else later.

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