Loge meets an Abjurer and has a Bad Time

So, the servant’s head arrived in a box. And then the group called in the police…

The Hardheads are an interesting bunch, like most of the factions in Sigil. They’re big on the justice but not necessarily great on the details.

Loge and the druid arrive back just after the Hardheads leave and are filled in on the details.
All we have to go on so far is the estate that the servant entered, and that she didn’t leave by the main entrance.

Hieron gets taken to Magic Marvin – everyone wants their jink! Hieron is forced to sell Book in order to make enough to pay off his debts, though Marvin offers him a job in order to work off some more and try and buy Book back.
First job – unclog the toilet…
Also, Magic Marvin doesn’t like how much Book talks.
He does manage to part with five antidotes and a set of bagpipes he’s been holding on to for the Eladrin Bard.

Loge comes out of the whole exchange with over a hundred gold pieces.
That’s easily the most money he’s ever held in his hands!
He has absolutely no idea what to spend it all on.

Back at the bar, another package has arrived – a letter.
The Gith are handed two of the antidotes and head off on their way. The apprentice/bodyguard is very worse for wear, and hopefully won’t try and drink again any time soon.
The letter appears to have a magical transmutation enchantment held on it. Unfortunately, we need to be somewhere safe before we try anything

Enter – the Abjurer!
Garrok is an Abjurer wizard from Athas (a wizard from Athas… out of character, that’s a bad sign!) and he aggress to help out for a fee. Using his magic, he spreads out and reads the letter at a distance.
The Chainmasters want a truce – apparently, calling the Hardheads was a step too far for them.
The Chainmasters want to meet at a neutral bar call the Chirper, in the reserved room.

The party has time to kill first and decide to go and deliver their other antidotes to the Formians.
It doesn’t go too well.
The Lillendi don’t answer a summons at the staircase and after a little wandering, a portal appears on a rocky outcrop – and both a Green Slaad and a Blue Slaad with two humanoid prisoners emerge!

The Bard fails to play the pipes, Loge gets a really good stab in up through the Blue Slaad’s jaw but the party end up having to run when another Blue and two Reds arrive – and Loge almost gets left behind, bleeding on the staircase and potentially turning into a big green frog!

Run away!

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