New Idea – Out West

So I was thinking about another new idea, and sadly I think it might just be a mess of one.

Basically – Dungeons and Dragons and Cowboys

So, we steal a bit from Deadlands and have Ghostrock or something like it for the guns and gold rush and stuff. And probably some kind of terrible war Back East that everyone is trying to get over and move on from.
I think it could be following on from the final downfall of a Big Bad Evil Guy and how the world expands from there.

But how to expand it? Why is the west still ‘untamed’ if the Big Bad was still all that? Why is it accessible now?
I’m thinking some kind of final act where he messed with reality, or maybe he blew everything up in his final downfall and everyone fled across the sea.

Or something.

So, how do we do this? Six shooters and rifles will be pretty powerful, but so would magic. Do we even need Ghostrock and pistols if there’s a bunch of people running around with wands?

Yeah, more to think on.

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