Loge continues to battle snakes

When last we left our plucky adventurers, they had managed to convince the Tabaxi that they needed to seek out old allies in order to overthrow the Yuan-Ti. That meant we needed to travel into the heart of Aarakocra and Grung territory.

After following our Tabaxi guide into Aarakocra territory, we had to climb up to the treetops and find the Aarakocra village. Luckily, we all had rope! And took our sweet time!
And only barely alerted the archers to our presence!

Some fast talking and we didn’t get shot. Although repeated questions to a Tortle about us were a bit odd.
He was a druid, and he was there exhorting the Aarakocra to action against the Yuan-Ti already.

Needless to say, there was some confusion.

In the end though, we managed to make our point, and the Aarakocra were on side.
Unfortunately, that now meant we had to deal with the Grung.

We headed to their territory, and eventually came across a large group of their soldiers, who held us at arrowpoint until their golden-skinned leader could arrive and interrogate us.
It was impossible to appeal to their better nature, but not impossible to get them on side – how can they say they are the best and most powerful, if someone is attacking and enslaving them? How can they be so much better than the Tabaxi and the Aarakocra, if the same fates are befalling the Grung?

With them on side, we had to head back to the Yuan-Ti base before they could further bolster their own forces.

We attacked with support from the Grung and Aarakocra archers, and with a fierce gang of Tabaxi infantry. Fighting against waves of Yuan-Ti in front of their temple, we were quickly confronted with a horde of skeletal lizard-chickens – Undead Velociraptors!
Luckily, our cleric managed to Turn them, and we headed inside whilst the fight carried on.

Outside, a well provided access for the Tortle Druid, who jumped down and turned into a shark. The Eladrin Bard and Loge sent their familiars down the well as frogs to follow and see where the water led.

Inside, the temple complex appeared empty, though the far doors quickly opened and magical darkness spread forth.
Downstairs, the Tortle turned himself into a snake to sneak through the passages – and just as well, because he had to sneak past some patrolling Basilisks.

Back upstairs, the Abjurer managed to summon up all of his power, given help by the pipe-playing Bard and the holy Guidance of the Cleric, dispelling the darkness to reveal horrifying, many-toothed, slug-like creatures, presumably intent on killing the party.

Which is where the game ended.

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