Loge still stuck in that bloody house!

I took a bit of a break from the blog there. Between moving to a new larger house and the birth of my son, I thought I’d take a time out. Here’s what’s going on with Loge for the last few sessions of the game.

The party rests and comes back to the townhouse. Brambles are now overgrowing and covering the whole structure. A fireball from the wizard is able to burn a path through, and the Bard’s familiar (now a bird) scouts around the building. Loge is seen through a window on the top floor, apparently asleep, with some kind of rat thing looking out from a small crevice by the window. When the bird investigates, it gets a nasty bite and dies instantly.

Loge is still trapped in Kaydi’s dream world, though he’s managed to fill Berith and in on what’s going on. He’s stuck a floor upstairs, but his plan is to get to Berith, grab her keys and get as many people to safety as possible. Berith also fills him in on some of the other inmates and their abilities.
Kaydi still has no idea how to wake Loge up though.

A white fox’s head appears out of a cloud, announces that Kaydi is holding her property, turns to Loge and orders him to wake up. Which he promptly does, at the same time as a commotion by the window and the rat thing Scrabbles fleeing the room at speed.
Loge here’s the words ‘they’re coming to kill her, go now’ in his mind. He runs to the door, summons balls of force and fire and begins hurling them at the wooden door, trying to break it down.

Behind him, the window smashes inwards under the force of a large axe, and the party arrive in accompanied by two new members – a huge angry Goliath carrying a large axe, wearing something like the Eladrin’s house colours, and a human male dressed in black wearing a large Godsman insignia, and carrying a wand.
They’d arrived at the window by casting levitate on the dwarf’s shield and using it to ride up in small groups.

The Goliath joins the attack on the door, Loge tells the room that the hags are beginning to kill the inmates and they have to get downstairs. Loge suggests the Eladrin use his magic to teleport down a floor, but the Bard doesn’t know how. He does however give Loge a shortsword to defend himself with.
A curious thumping sound coming from behind the door turns out to be a group of redcaps marching up. They manage to knock over a couple of party members and drop the Bard almost instantly, though he’s also revived almost instantly.

The Godsman wizard joined Loge and cast Dimension Door, taking them both one floor below, into Kaydi’s room. They immediately began to fall asleep, but managed to shake it off and stay awake.
And just in time, because the door opened as three Quicklings arrived. One stepped inside and immediately fell asleep, one ran off down the corridor and the other stepped in, managed to shake off the effects of Kaydi’s powers and attacked Loge, immediately removing all of his remaining hit points.

The Godsman wizard saved the day again by casting Bigby’s Hand and trapping the Quickling upside down, whilst he gave Loge a potion, they grabbed the keys and headed out into the corridor to fight the remaining Quickling.
Meanwhile, upstairs the party managed to mop up the Redcaps and head downstairs, chasing one remaining Redcap who appeared behind Loge and the Godsman.

Between fighting the Quickling and the Redcap in the corridor, a Hag appeared at the end near the kitchen and began flinging spells. Someone cast Silence and slowed her down some, before she finally disappeared.
The Redcap tried to go for Kaydi and didn’t fall asleep, but Loge managed to keep him pinned down for a while, whilst the Bard and Goliath went to investigate the kitchen and downstairs, looking for the Hag who ran away, but not finding anything.

Loge checks the nearest door of a Godling’s room and spots a Hag mid-ritual above his sleeping form. This guy can control people with his words, so it;s important he doesn’t wake up.
Loge yells to the corridor that a Hag is spotted, so we need to check all the rooms, and unlocks the door. The Abjurer opens it and casts a magic missile, but targets the sleeping Godling instead of the Hag, interrupting the ritual as he wakes up.

He immediately commands anyone who can hear him to help. Loge shakes the thought from his mind, but the Abjurer drops to one knee to show his fealty. Loge silently closes the door.

Uh oh!

After that, it all gets a big vague – guess when I had to start skipping sessions?

Voreena, the super-likeable lady apparently disappeared in the chaos. Shouty commands man, and a man in a mirrored room both died to the hags (I’m told). Probably good – Mirrors man sounded like he might be dangerous based on my DM’s description of his power. Something like possession, but instead of taking over your body, he takes all your skills and abilities and if he gets hurt, the damage moves to the ‘host’.
Kaydi and Berith the nurse, along with the dragon man who killed our paladin, were both saved, and everyone got out and headed to Gwynned’s mansion. I’m sure we’ll be handsomely rewarded…

Also, it seems we’re heading out of Sigil and back to the staircase. Going to lay low for a while, and see if the Planewalkers Guild has any work for us.

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