A break from creativity

So I’ve had a bit of a break from the creative itch for a while there. Between work and looking after a newborn and moving everyone into a new house, things have been hectic.

But I’m going to try and set aside a little time for me so that I can keep blogging.

So what have I been idly thinking about when I can? My Western-style D&D setting is taking shape a bit more based on Pinterest recommendations and trying to build things in OrcPub/DungeonMastersVault. I’m also being hassled to do a version of Shootout at the OK Corral at a convention later in the year, but I’m still working on what I’d want to see from characters in the setting, PCs and NPCs both, and working from there.
I do have an interesting idea for a Shootout/Magnificent Seven thing brewing, but it’s a bare outline right now.

Loge is still adventuring every other week, but I’ve put Come Hell or High Water on hold. It might make a comeback at some point.
I’ll have another post for Loge shortly – I need to condense a couple of sessions and work out what else happened that I might have missed.

I might try and get creative and write something new. That would be nice. But most likely I’ll be fleshing out a lot of stuff I already have.

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