Magic Item – Chaos (Crossbow) Bolts

You may remember that recently, one of my players brewed up a strange purple potion and tipped his crossbow bolts with it.

Well, he seems to have forgotten, as he hasn’t used any in recent uprisings in the Palace, however I thought I’d set out what I’d given him.

Given the pretty chaotic nature of the creation, and my love for the spell ‘Chaos Bolt’, I decided he’d done something similar.

He tipped all of his 20 bolts, then fired one as a test, and then gave three away, so he has sixteen of these still sat ready to use.

Basically, on a hit they do 2d4 damage, and before rolling one of the dice is chosen as the control.
Whichever number comes up on the control gives the damage type dealt, and the crossbow bolt is consumed in a little explosion of elemental energy.

On a 1 Acid.
On a 2 Ice.
On a 3 Fire.
On a 4 Lightning.

And on a critical hit, it’s an elemental maelstrom of all of them.

So far, his test shot rolled a 2. I’m so hoping we can get a critical hit from one of these!

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