Loge runs away

OK, so fighting Spined Devils and Bearded Devils was not fun.
Then the Spiked Devils appeared to make the fight a bit harder!

After a pretty serious back and forth, we managed to start falling back, eventually hiding behind a wall of fog thrown up by the Dwarven Cleric.

With Mr Easy’s help, we managed to fall back to a warehouse to lick our wounds and wait until it was easier to escape the Slags.

Mr Easy was unimpressed – he didn’t realise we were going to pick a fight with some devils, and even knew the area we’d been going after. Apparently the Chain Devil has been wandering Sigil setting up meetings with various mercenary groups and hiring them for odd jobs. Whatever those might be.

We decided in the end to head back to Gwynedd Manor and decide on our next course of action.

We could look into the devils some more, especially since they seem to have a glaring connection to the poison passing around the Planes.
We could look into a poetry competition out in one of the wilder, nicer planes, which apparently didn’t go very well compared to previous years.
We could head back to Automata and check in with the Shadow Council.
Or we could do some work for Lord Gwynedd and his faction, the Believers of the Source.

Listening to Gwynedd, it seems the Godsmen had a townhouse set up as a place of solace to look after some ‘loonies’, the people wandering Sigil who had a couple of spoons short of a cutlery drawer. And the townhouse has mysteriously closed.

I think we’re going with the townhouse. But yay, level 4!

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