Masks – a Supers game

So far, just the germ of an idea but I’m seeing where I go with this whilst I stream of conscious this a bit!

So, I’ve written before about different areas of a city, and the idea of a city takeover game, and I think it might be possible to run Masks similarly. The city is fallen, lawless and broken, with corruption from the streets up to the highest levels.
And that’s where the heroes come in. They’ve had enough.

Oh wow, have I just come up with Kick-Ass, accidentally?

The other alternative is similar to one I’ve played before, where a bunch of low-level supervillains are hired to do some good somehow, or possibly more evil than they fully understand. There’s a fantastic Savage Worlds setting where all the world’s superheroes are killed by alien invaders, and only the supervillains are left to save the day.
That could also work.

Or I could work on interplay, have a troupe game and have people create both a hero and a villain, and see where we go from that. Obviously, they couldn’t create their own nemesis (nemeses?) but could create them for other players, similar to creating the Shadow in Wraith: the Oblivion worked (unless I’m remembering that very wrong).


I think so far, I like the first idea better. I can think of ways to start off, run a low-level street game and work the way up to fighting the kingpins and spiders-in-the-web at higher levels.
No idea about the game system yet though. Maybe a Fate variant, maybe Mutants and Masterminds.

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