Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

So I’ve been mulling this over recently, I never really settled on a patron for Loge. I figured he had no idea he was a warlock yet, made a pact he didn’t remember to get out of the City of Brass or something, or was somehow tricked into it for the same reason.

But then recently I started going in another direction.

Loge has no clue he’s a warlock. As far as he’s concerned, he’s some kind of innate spellcaster, like a sorcerer. He can do a couple of different things, mostly with fire and smoke, and it’s probably something to do with his elemental bloodline.
He can’t explain yet how he can read Githzerai, or why he has dreams about winter animals in fiery landscapes, or how exactly his hex works.

So, I’m now looking into his human family background. Mum was a slave, from either a Prime with a Norse vibe to it or from a plane touched by Yggdrasil. There’s some giant in her maybe, definitely something not entirely human somewhere up the family tree.

Anyway, I started exploring Norse mythology to try and find a patron that fits, and I think I’m looking at the Dísir now.
Dís means ‘lady’ according to Wikipedia, but there’s some question over what it refers to. Valkyries and Norns might be a subset of Dísir, or maybe they’re separate things. Also, there’s something called a fylgja and a hamingja, both of which are associated with luck.

So most of these things seem to be moderately interchangeable – a female spirit or ghost with powers over magic or fate or luck, possibly it’s the ghost of a relative or possibly it’s a protective spirit that follows a family down a bloodline.
There’s also a shapechanging nature to the fylgja and the idea that most or all of these spirits can show themselves as animals.

So now I’m genuinely stumped. I think I need to make Loge more about luck, but he also has some kind of warrior patron. He might also end up taking a level in druid just to get a shapeshifting power in line with the patron.

Yeah, I’ve basically researched this and got cool ideas but now I’m a bit all over the place with the character.
He’s potentially going to end up with levels in four or five classes if I want to build him out with this kind of patron. It’s interesting.

We’ll see how it goes. He has to survive a while yet!

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