Fey character options

I've spent the last few days writing up some ideas I had for warlock patrons and a variant Tabaxi that are found in the Feywild. The Tabaxi variant, which I've called the Grimalkin (as many have before me), are a fey being with similar features to their normal Material Plane cousins, but with features also … Continue reading Fey character options

Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XIV – Warlock

Time to move on to a fun one - I play a lot of warlocks! Hopefully that means I'll se both good and bad in the playtest. Let's see shall we? Things that stay the same up to level 10:Otherworldly Patron features at level 1 (and 6 and 10) and Pact Magic at level 1 … Continue reading Thoughts on the LevelUp 5e Playtest XIV – Warlock

Loge’s patron comes calling

Loge has a terrible dream. He's in a temple, surrounded by snake men, and they're killing his friends, and then there's an icy cold blast in a dark void, but luckily he wakes up here, safe and sound. In the stone circle. In the snow, and fir trees. The place he sometimes goes when he's... … Continue reading Loge’s patron comes calling

New Warlock patron – Lady Luck

I'm working on options for my Western-inspired D&D setting (note - there's two different links there), and I've started work on a luck-based Warlock. Nothing too fancy, and there's ideas for it all over the internet (which I plan to heavily borrow from). First up, I wanted to work on the spell list. It seemed … Continue reading New Warlock patron – Lady Luck

Loge Investigates a Townhouse

Level up!OK, so now we're level four, and I can finally take a Warlock Pact. So, obviously as a Hexblade Warlock, I'm going to take the... Pact of the Tome?Bear with me here. Loge's Patron is a spirit of luck, knowledge, and maybe war. It's much more likely to give him access to more magic … Continue reading Loge Investigates a Townhouse

Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

So I've been mulling this over recently, I never really settled on a patron for Loge. I figured he had no idea he was a warlock yet, made a pact he didn't remember to get out of the City of Brass or something, or was somehow tricked into it for the same reason. But then … Continue reading Ideas for Loge’s Warlock Patron

Amon, “Mage” of the West Marches

So, in a new game of D&D, I started playing another warlock. I know, I know. I should diversify, try something new. And that's my plan. He's a tiefling, not a human! Also, this guy is going to be some kind of quarterstaff dervish when I'm done with him, with levels in fighter to get … Continue reading Amon, “Mage” of the West Marches

Dima the Crow at level 4

So following a siege from a zombie army and a necromancer, and the deaths of half the town NPCs, I think I'm not happy with the build I'm using for Dima. Being able to understand languages and talk to animals is fine for the character, but the game has a lot more combat to come, … Continue reading Dima the Crow at level 4

Dima the Crow at level 3

So another session and another level, not so much combat this session, but I picked up a magical violin that looks pretty, which fits the "no, I'm a bard, honest" theme I had going. So I can ditch the wooden flute I had now. I still have that annoyingly cursed dagger though. Where to next? … Continue reading Dima the Crow at level 3

Dima the Crow after play

Curiosity killed the cat. I think Dima needs to learn this. So, the first session went fine. Standard wander along a road, get to know the other players and their characters. All went well really, and we ended up in a big town and levelled up. Great. So I looked at my options and realised … Continue reading Dima the Crow after play

Dima the Crow

So, it looks like I get to play D&D. And it's set in Innistrad, the horror setting for Magic the Gathering. So, I've built a Nephalian Warlock pledged to the Raven Queen (pure Poe goodness), called him Dmitry/Dima, and we'll see how it goes. I've not played a Warlock before, so I'm not sure if … Continue reading Dima the Crow