Dima the Crow after play

Curiosity killed the cat. I think Dima needs to learn this.

So, the first session went fine. Standard wander along a road, get to know the other players and their characters. All went well really, and we ended up in a big town and levelled up.


So I looked at my options and realised Mage Armour is bloody fantastic and why am I not using it? Then sold off Dima’s leather armour, and wandered around some other shops.


When a shopkeeper is so happy to meet someone who can use magic, it should probably be more worrying than it is. He gave away free spell scrolls guys! That’s not normal behaviour. Then he offered to sell off a magical shapechanging dagger on the cheap, only 50 gold (and I’d just worked out I had exactly 51…)

It seemed handy dandy, then the paladin touched it and we realised it’s cursed. Bound to Dima unless he can sell it off. And it’s possibly got a demon trapped inside (though it seems like he’s actually escaped, given other events in town).
Did I mention the damage bonus increases with every life taken with it?

I’m not playing a bloody bladelock, I’m playing a booklock! This wasn’t supposed to happen!
Fine, next level I’m taking the Shillelagh cantrip and going full fury, see how much I can break this item!

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