Amon, “Mage” of the West Marches

So, in a new game of D&D, I started playing another warlock.

I know, I know. I should diversify, try something new. And that’s my plan.
He’s a tiefling, not a human!

Also, this guy is going to be some kind of quarterstaff dervish when I’m done with him, with levels in fighter to get manoeuvres as well as warlock. And maybe rogue, if I can swing it, for an extra dice now and then.

So this is definitely different to my plan for Dima, who was going to end up as a warlock/cleric build eventually.


Of course, I did get downed by a goblin in the first session. And… we don’t actually have a cleric in the party at the moment.
Yeah, I might regret it later. But until then, all is fun and games!

As to that, the game is a West Marches style of game, which I’ve not played but I’ve read about. Excited to see how it works.

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