Fey character options

I’ve spent the last few days writing up some ideas I had for warlock patrons and a variant Tabaxi that are found in the Feywild.

The Tabaxi variant, which I’ve called the Grimalkin (as many have before me), are a fey being with similar features to their normal Material Plane cousins, but with features also akin to the Cheshie Cat from Alice in Wonderland – they can use illusions and turn invisible, instead of the athletics and acrobatics, and damaging claws of the normal Tabaxi.

For the patrons, I’ve come up with some ideas that aren’t just Archfey, and given some different abilities besides:
The Goodfellow, named after Robin Goodfellow/Puck, is a semi-domestic spirit of pranks and protection. Their warlocks have mending and Cobbler’s Tools proficiencies, a gourd filled with milk and honey, and can cause more of themselves to appear for a brief period.
The Púca (yes, I know that’s where Puck comes from) is a mischievous shapeshifter, that I’ve basically piled a lot of druid abilities into. Shapeshifting, animal-focused spells, and the ability to eventually conjure the Wild Hunt (which mimics the Fiend patron’s capstone).
The Rainbow Faerie Dragon isn’t a fey, but that’s not going to stop it acting like one. A spell list that looks like the faerie dragon stat block (minus the warlock spells), wings, a euphoria gas breath weapon, and a capstone that’s a little bit chaos bolt, a little bit dragon breath.

I haven’t got the layout finished yet, but hopefully that will get done in the next week. I’ll update here with a link once it’s available!

Here it is, only 4 ish hours after the post dropped – presenting Puckish Patrons, for all your fey-but-not-Archfey otherworldly patron needs.

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