More fey character options

A few afters after last week’s post went live, I finally managed to publish my warlock patrons supplement Puckish Patrons (I updated the post when it went live, but here’s the link again).

And then, over the next few days, I published two more books. So here’s the synopsis of the other two!

The Grimalkin are a fey cousin of the Tabaxi, relying more on stealth than raw acrobatics and athleticism. They love to play pranks, and hang around with the Rainbow Faerie Wyrm. They have some limited magical abilities, and they’ve been in the Feywild so long they aren’t technically humanoids any more.
You can pick up rules here, and they’re Pay What You Want.

The Frog-Cursed are my attempt at a lineage that doesn’t hail from Ravenloft.
In Ravenloft, either at character creation or during play, a character can begin having once been one race and now having become something else. I decided that “hey, the fey love turning people into frogs, so…” and then I wrote this.
The transformation into a frog isn’t quite complete (maybe the fey was feeling vindictive), so this person has to live with memories of being an elf or dragonborn, but now inhabits the body of a half-frog, half humanoid. They get cool jumping powers and have a tongue weapon, but need to get into water once a day or they get tired.
You can pick the rules up here for a dollar.

I really liked working on the Frog-Cursed. They’re not actually the first lineage I’ve written this way, but they got published first, because it’s not dragon month until October.
Yup, that’s a hint of what’s coming!

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