Adding to Fizban’s dragon lore

In October, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons will be published, giving more insights into official dragondom as Wizards of the Coasts wants it to be done.

In preparation, I’ve started writing a short book of my own about those with dragon blood that were present in previous editions of D&D but haven’t made an appearance yet. I’m currently hoping that Fizban won’t be including them in his book and I can get away with a bit of a tie-in bump.

So I’m looking at the old Races of the Dragon book from the 3.5 era, some bits of Forgotten Realms lore that I half remembered but am suddenly very happy with, and making up some ideas of my own based on Tiamat (because who doesn’t love adversaries?)

I’ll have an update on it soon hopefully. Now I just need a name.
Barok’s Dragonblood Tome?

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