Dima the Crow at level 4

So following a siege from a zombie army and a necromancer, and the deaths of half the town NPCs, I think I’m not happy with the build I’m using for Dima.

Being able to understand languages and talk to animals is fine for the character, but the game has a lot more combat to come, and so far I’ve spoken to a stampeding bunch of animals and two horses, with very little in the way of an outcome.

So, since I’ve levelled up to 4th, I’ve gone a bit more combat-minded – “never mind talking to animals, let’s do some more damage with an eldritch blast!” etc etc.

Just to be safe, I’m taking Ritual Caster as a feat though – so I can still talk to animals, just not at will (although I haven’t exactly decided if I want to keep that, just that I’m taking Identify because no one in the party has it!)


And that’s that, for now.

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