Alternate Oriental Adventures

In the Oriental Adventures campaign supplement for D&D 3rd edition, there was a tiny few of paragraphs about transporting the rules presented to a South Asian inspired setting, rather than the usual East Asian that tends to be presented more often in similar supplements (and which forms much of the basis of the main book setting, Rokugan).

Something about that alternate idea resonated with me, but I never really sat down to puzzle it out. Maybe it was the fact it mirrored a lot of the traditional D&D material (ruined temples, demons, high adventure) with some of the stuff more distant to what I knew (brahmin and bodhisattvas, rakshasa).
It certainly had a much bigger pull than the idea of replacing the different clans of Humans from Rokugan with different races of Dwarves and Elves and so on.

I don’t exactly know how I’d go about building a game using a similar setting, but I have a few ideas that might make their way into the Endless Sea as a sort of testing ground for them.
We’ll see. Now I’m off to read a bit about Jainism and Greco-Buddhism, see if they’ll influence my ideas any!

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