Sense8 RPG – Everyone is John

So, what with the Sense8 finale being a thing now, I thought it was about time I sat down and actually started watching the series.

And then, of course, I watched a series and thought “hey, this could make an interesting RPG.”

And then, I remembered the game Everyone is John.

In Everyone is John, players play the voices in John’s head, making him do things. They have different skills and talents, which make up the overall character of John.
John is played by the GM, who takes on board the – ahem – suggestions of the players and is forced to act on them.

So… This sounds like it might make a pretty interesting Sense8 game.

Especially if you don’t tell the players what the game will be ahead of time!

Now each player is a member of the cell, and you can jump in and out of different points of view. One session is the plucky cop, one as the reformed hacker, one as the hopeful biologist and so on and so forth.

Not enough players for a full cell? Guess there’s a tragic backstory there then!

And since you only need the one six-sided die to play, it should be easier to set up.

More to ponder on as I watch more of the series.

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