Mages everywhere – The Goon Squad

Ok, so I’ve been running a few ideas around my head since the last post and I think I’ve come up with something now.

This is an idea I have for an adventure, just a very basic seed at the moment. Players take on the role of a character in a group of enforcers, but what they’re enforcing is the laws of magic – see Dresden Files for more on that.

Now, the thing that sets it apart from the Dresden Files – this is taking place in a setting similar to revolutionary France. The power of magic has finally fallen into the hand of the people, after being held captive previously by the corrupt aristocracy – I haven’t decided exactly how corrupt they are, whether it’s much the same as how bad they were in real revolutionary France, or if there’s some sort of Cthulhu angle in there.

This Goon Squad is made up of some of the newer practitioners, maybe one lesser noble who knew which side to pick when the moment came.
I think the setting needs to hinge on some sort of hereditary distinction to magic. So the old aristocracy were all natural mages, maybe sorcerers by birth or something like that. Now there are guttermages who have a little academic wizard training, or people who are taking part in rituals to bind themselves to omnipotent beings for good or ill.

And someone has to police this mess.

Yes, think I like this one. Not sure if I’ll stick with the original idea for D&D, though that could be fun. Probably works better with a looser rule set though.

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