Loge in Automata

So, we spent the “night” recuperating in the Githzerai monastery. Loge had a dream about a white-furred fox running across a still warm lava field.
Probably nothing to worry about there…

We agreed to escort our Githzerai expert back to Sigil, along with a bodyguard. They were going to work out their own deal with Magic Marvin in order to cure the Slaad, or something.
The novice seems pretty awestruck and interested in Sigil. I can’t see that ending badly for him at all!

Whilst we were wandering the streets of the Cage, we were also trying not to lose the Gith into the crowd. We passed some more cranium rats thieving coin pouches, and a strange pyramid-headed dog.

Magic Marvin was surprisingly easy to deal with, such was the quality of the raw chaos that we brought to him. We made enough of a cure for several doses just with the one vial.
The fact we still have another vial seems to have been forgotten for now.

After weighing up our options, and because the cure will take time to create, we decided to finally drop our sentient actuarial book off with its owner in Automata. Luckily, I already had the portal location and key ready to go.

Hopping through a wall in the Clerk’s Ward of Sigil, we were quickly stopped by one of the local law enforcement. They would prefer if tourists would use the officially sanctioned portal in the centre of the Gatetown. We apologised as he delivered a long list of rules and ordinances to abide by, said we were delivering a package and went about our business. We headed to the large tavern at the centre of town, as Hieron Lawgiver tended to frequent in.

Inside the Divine Machine, the halfling owner was mildly wary of some hobgoblin patrons in the corner. They have a habit of causing trouble. When they went to pick a fight with us, a quick drink order on us was enough to placate them.
Heading back outside with a young halfling guiding us to the town hall, where we were assured Hieron would be, we realised we were being followed. Managing to get the drop on our pursuer, we found out that the Shadow Council (whoever they are) are also looking for Hieron Lawgiver. More on them later.

After an interminable wait in the long lines at the desks of the city hall, we found our way to Lawgiver’s office, and some quick-talking by book got us inside.
Of course, after a short conversation, we realised we’d forgotten to bar the door again!
Cue the Shadow Council!
A band of thieves and assassins – but mostly cannon fodder for our party – burst through the door intent on getting to Hieron. He owes them some money. We were in the way however. And we had fire.

They were completely unprepared for our magic use!

Lots of faerie fire spells and some well placed burning hands and bonfires blocking the corridor meant we dealt with them pretty handily.
We finished the session mopping up the last of them. Now we’re just going to get in trouble with the guards. Hopefully our new friend can help us there!

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