Another New Idea – Hollow World

Ok, another one. That’s a pretty bad title, and this is definitely going to be straying into the area of Mahasarpa and other old alternate settings for D&D.

So I was thinking again about the idea of alternate Asian-inspired settings and thought of one inside a hollow world, with a sort of Monkey-esque feel to it.
The basic idea is that there are two different pantheons in conflict – a Celestial Bureaucracy that attempts to control and an opposing group of more chaotic Devas that emphasise freedom. Between these pantheons lie the people of the hollow world (wow, I really need to get a better name for this!).

I wanted to come up with something that felt stylistically like an Asian-influenced D&D and my own thing. The hollow world is filled with animals flung out of their times, mostly dinosaurs or extinct mammals like woolly rhinos. There are monks and kung fu and war elephants and ancient ruined temples.
There’s a big sun in the middle of the sky that’s always on but glows and dims in equal amounts and is possible to reach by climbing a huge mountain.

Did I mention the dinosaurs?

Ok, that’s all I have on that one so far.

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