New Idea – Twixt Flower and Thorn

OK, so here’s another D&D idea I’ve got brewing – yes, there’s always too many. I suppose this links up a bit with my Beyond the Pale idea, but whatever.

So this game would centre around the Feywild, but be more about the creatures native to it, and the various different courts of the Seelie and Unseelie.
The different creatures of the two sides of the Feywild – Wood Elves, Eladrin, Gnomes, Firbolg, Bugbears, Goblins, Dark Elves, Harpies – would all be a part of the game. I think the different courts might behave a bit like factions, or maybe even like Planescape factions, and follow some overarching themes.

Into the Feywild have appeared new creatures from… elsewhere. Presumably Humans, maybe Dwarves and Halflings, maybe also Tieflings. These intruders into the realm are wrecking the place, and it’s up to the players to go on adventures to repel the invaders or find out where they’re coming from, and why.

I’ve seen a few adventures set entirely in the Feywild, even at low-level, and they all look pretty fun. There’s bound to be a way to extend that pretty well, especially if you throw in other planes, maybe a Shadowfell or a Dreaming or something.

Anyway, that’s it so far.

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