A return to Vampire: the Masquerade

Well, it had to happen eventually – I’m playing a game of Vampire again.

For the first time, I’m playing a Nosferatu, and for the maybe the second time, I’ve woken up the day after the Embrace with a weird hunger that burgers and fries reeeeallly didn’t help to cure.

I had a few teething problems with the game, pun probably subconsciously intended. Maybe the game will turn out that it’s not for me, but I think I’m trying to grapple with the lore of the setting and making it fit into the game, maybe I should try and see this as its own thing with its own lore.
But, of course, that’s pretty hard with Vampire when it has decades of lore to pour over, that I have poured over.

I built the character as a sort of information foil for the Storyteller to relay stuff through and work from there, but I have a suspicion that I should have built more of a combat monster – our mission, which we were fully forced to accept on pain of Final Death, was to go into a nearby town and take out the demon that’s taken control.

*Pause for that to sink in*

A demon. We’re taking on a demon, as neonate vampires. With very little combat ability.
Yeah, I don’t like our chances either.

So, the demon has taken over a church, is making people wear fluffy woollen robes and booties (and ONLY fluffy woollen robes and booties), and is carving a symbol into its followers’ foreheads. The symbol has been showing up on the sides of buildings, but now it seems like it might also have been painted on the main roads in the town – and everyone mortal is affected by some kind of lethargy ritual.
Vampires (probably because we’re dead) and ghouls (because they’re halfway there) are unaffected. So… yeah, when we robbed the unguarded Walmart for guns and ammo, we weren’t expecting cultists to show up to do the same thing.

They didn’t last too long.

Looking forward to the next session now!

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