Late to the party: RPGaDay 2019 prompt 27


I’ve always struggled with action beats in my writing, whether it’s for tabletop games or just creative writing.
I tend to get bogged down in descriptions or extra information and then they don’t drop how I want them to.

I know it’s a thing I can work on with practice and I’ve definitely gotten better than I once was.

I think this comes from my love for immersion.
I got tired of the descriptions of food in the Game of Thrones novels very quickly, but I still know what kind of beer gets brewed in the docks of the Old Crown, or that it’s often accompanied by fried salted fish and bread.
I think that comes from wanted to throw more sensory information at players as they walk through a city than from needing it there in a work of fiction.

Maybe I’m being pedantic.

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