The ongoing projects list

I've had a hard time coming up with a decent update here for the past few days. I've decided to blame it on the fact I've been eating radishes, which I haven't touched in years.I've also been pretty busy working at my fantasy setting, which I'm hoping will get published through Occult Moon before the … Continue reading The ongoing projects list

More city shenanigans

I've been thinking a bit the past couple of days about a game where the players take over a city.Partly inspired by the Malazan books by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont, and partly inspired by the Kingmaker adventure path for Pathfinder, and maybe even a little bit by Ptolus (from what I can remember … Continue reading More city shenanigans

City of a Thousand Temples

I saw this post on Reddit, and my mind starting whirring.What would life be like in a city with hundreds upon hundreds of different temples? Would they all worship the same god in a myriad different ways? Would they all worship a group of gods, but with as many variations again?How would culture be shaped by … Continue reading City of a Thousand Temples

A brief rethink

Following a read of this blog post, which Zak Smith shared on Google+, I had a rapid rethink of my Ascended and their godhood.These were mortals who had achieved an apotheosis, and they'd become something more. Why would they stop being as contradictory, as emotional, as invested with mortal concerns?So now the gods are more … Continue reading A brief rethink

About time for an update…

OK, I've been a bit preoccupied with a business plan for a gaming store, and some other stuff in the real world, but now I think it's time for an actual update!Following David Hill's recommendation, I've had a read of the Smallville RPG, but trying to ignore the setting. I've only had a brief skim … Continue reading About time for an update…

Publishing et al

A current update:I've started collating into one document, which is currently being stored over at Occult Moon, who should be helping me get this thing published soon.The current page count (which is still needing a bunch of additions, never mind some editing) stands at 24. I'm hoping it'll be around 30-35 before we get art … Continue reading Publishing et al

A touch of local flavour

I've been considering some elements for immersion in the setting. Here's some stuff I've thought of, food-wise.I already know that Kingsmead itself is a bit odd. They keep long haired rabbits the size of dogs, providing food and material for clothing. I know they make goats cheese and cider, and a lot of flatbread. And savoury porridge. … Continue reading A touch of local flavour

It’s all coming together

Quick time news burst!Stonekin (dwarves) removed from the setting (for now)!Wildfolk (leafy elves) now do even more, with feathers too!Crowfolk and Ratfolk removed from the game! Partly folded into Darklings (swampy elves).Draken and Wyvings renamed - now two colours of Lizardfolk!Wode renamed Beastfolk (though the Wode will be an example tribe name).Trying my best to … Continue reading It’s all coming together

Furthering the Stone

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an idea I'd had based upon a stone age setting. I've turned it over some in my mind, and here's a quick idea for how I'd run it.Take the Legend of the 5 Rings rules. I'm mostly familiar with first edition, so the lack of samurai kata and stuff … Continue reading Furthering the Stone

Thoughts on the latest D&D Next Playtest packet

Well, last week the new played package dropped (and then dropped again with some extra options).My thoughts so far: it looks good. It has a flavour of the older editions rather than 4E, but still seems like a progression from that system. I'll still have to wait and see how it looks come 2014 when … Continue reading Thoughts on the latest D&D Next Playtest packet


Well after yesterday's assorted collection of links to previous posts, I thought today I'd try and actually write something more solid.I've been talking for a while about the prospect of opening a gaming store. I'm in the early stages of a business plan at the moment, and it looks reasonably sound.There are plenty of cities … Continue reading FLGS

Assorted thoughts

A handful of observations and ramblings. Sorry it's not more concise.Following on from Greywulf's internal conversation that ended up with a Nutshell d20 system, I started having my own in my head. Along the lines of "is there anything I'd add?"I think the advantage/disadvantage mechanic from the DnDNext playtest would fit pretty well. Gives the … Continue reading Assorted thoughts

Kingkiller Chronicle in RP

I've been devouring Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle for the past few weeks. I'm currently approaching page 700 of the second novel, The Wise Man's Fear. Funnily enough, a fantasy setting rife with magic, invention, religious tension and noble intrigue is doing all kinds of things to my funny little imagination.So, I've been brainstorming how I'd … Continue reading Kingkiller Chronicle in RP


Recently I've had an idea for a stone age game in my head. A few years ago, I wrote a lovely little story about a hunter gatherer tribesman called Stone, and since then the idea has been flickering on and off in my mind.Then today I read something about the Hyperborean Cycle by Clark Ashton Smith, and … Continue reading Stone

Hidden mysteries and secrets unspoken

I've promised that there are hidden secrets dotted throughout everything that I've already done. I hope to highlight a handful of them below.Whilst items may be invested with a person's being, and made soulwrought and magical, there is a further level of power. Godwrought items are those gifted by the ascendants themselves, or which were … Continue reading Hidden mysteries and secrets unspoken

Collected ramblings

The problem with trying to update once a day for a week is that I seem to rapidly run out of ideas.Over on my other blog, I'm asking people to tell me what they want me to write about in my next update. I don't want to give up too much information on the setting, … Continue reading Collected ramblings