Well after yesterday’s assorted collection of links to previous posts, I thought today I’d try and actually write something more solid.

I’ve been talking for a while about the prospect of opening a gaming store. I’m in the early stages of a business plan at the moment, and it looks reasonably sound.
There are plenty of cities in the UK with a similar population but with a great many more gaming stores than we have here.
From general feedback from people I know, and a handful I didn’t before an enterprise course, there’s at least some demand for a store that works differently from the local ones.
My mystery shopper work has turned up the words ‘cluttered’ and ‘unfriendly’ a couple of times, so trying to beat that problem will probably net me some customers.

My biggest problem at the outset is start-up costs. I’m even looking into cooperatives and whether I could somehow crowdsource as options, which I know is more than a little bit of an odd way to go about it. But such is the state of my savings at the moment.

I’ve been able to talk to a few people already in the retail side of the industry, and not just in my local area. It’s been a big help, but I know for a fact that the monopolies on stock providers will mean spending more than I’d like.
The convenience of renting a property with bills inclusive is also going to hinder me I think. Hmmm.

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