About time for an update…

OK, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a business plan for a gaming store, and some other stuff in the real world, but now I think it’s time for an actual update!

Following David Hill’s recommendation, I’ve had a read of the Smallville RPG, but trying to ignore the setting. I’ve only had a brief skim of it so far, need to read in depth, but WOW. This is a step up from the Cortex system I read years ago in the Serenity RPG. Next, I need to take a look at Leverage.

I was trying to pay attention to a character creation session for Eclipse Phase on Sunday, but I started a job on Saturday Night and was kind of out of it from that still.
But the setting! Exactly what I want to see from a sci-fi setting about the future of humanity, or transhumanity. AIs, uplifts, aliens, some very real unknown terrors, hypercorporations replacing nation states. Just fantastic. The setting’s horror twists are cool too, and definitely entice me in.

I keep telling myself I’ll write something exciting for a post soon, but it hasn’t really come to fruition just yet. I was hoping for something on my School of Magick and Wisardry, but apparently I couldn’t get the players just yet. Roll on Indie+ for that.

I did start a game of Vampire: the Masquerade via Google Hangout. We’ve somehow managed to draft in Mark Rein-Hagen, the guy that wrote Vampire. I would link to the On Air hangout on Youtube, but my brand new headset makes me into a heavy breathing moron for a good portion of it. I’ll link to it when the next episode is up.

I’ve set myself the goal of another post before the weekend. In that I’m going to write something substantial. That is my quest. Now I just have to hope the bridgekeeper doesn’t ask me my favourite colour…

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