A brief rethink

Following a read of this blog post, which Zak Smith shared on Google+, I had a rapid rethink of my Ascended and their godhood.
These were mortals who had achieved an apotheosis, and they’d become something more. Why would they stop being as contradictory, as emotional, as invested with mortal concerns?
So now the gods are more like people. The Lady of the Harvest is revered because she fights those who hurt the natural world. and rewards those who work with it. The Stormlord is a champion of warriors, because, if there’s a war going on, he likes to come an watch, or join in. The Great Muse really did write a bunch of those stories so that people engage with each other.

So I’ve spent a few hours re-tooling all of the gods and I’m pretty happy with them.
With my Races and Gods checked off, I need to do some more work on organisations, a little editing of the local geography, and then it’s all downhill hopefully.

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