The ongoing projects list

I’ve had a hard time coming up with a decent update here for the past few days. I’ve decided to blame it on the fact I’ve been eating radishes, which I haven’t touched in years.

I’ve also been pretty busy working at my fantasy setting, which I’m hoping will get published through Occult Moon before the end of the year. But that’s a pipe dream at the moment. I’d say the end is in sight, but I know full well how far away it is too.

My d12 system is currently on hold. I need to get some better healing rules in place. It’s currently quite brutal, but I know it could use some work, mostly for natural, non-magical healing.
I think that will get sorted next, but it still more playtesting. Feel free to use the rules as I’ve given them, and tell me what you think so far. Tell me what you needed to mess with, and why.
My fantasy setting will be the default setting I’m using to playtest, although I’ve got a couple of ideas for alternates to check: a sci-fi game about gas miners on Neptune, a wild west idea centred on a town called Copper, Arizona, and a go at the Malazan Empire, if I can manage it.

The second issue of the Lookouts comics is out, and Penny Arcade are running something on the Thornwatch, which also looks very exciting. I’ve toyed with ideas of making a game like this for a while too, and I’m excited to see how the boardgame goes.

Ok, that was plenty of link dumping, what else can I talk about?

I’ve asked a few questions on Google+ recently about Legend of the 5 Rings, specifically 4th edition and how it compares to the version I’ve played – 1st.
I’ve got a few ideas for a game I would run that I’ll likely throw up here soon. Based off a Unicorn character that I ran maybe 5 years ago, the story would involve his impending wedding, and all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds such an event. There will be more than a few obstacles, and hopefully some fun surprises too.

That’s all for now, more in a couple of days, or tomorrow if I need a break from the writing!

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