Forming an idea for L5R

In the last week and a bit, I’ve been messing with some ideas for a Legend of the 5 Rings game.

My old 1st edition Unicorn character managed to pick up an ancient Crab katana whilst adventuring in the Shadowlands. For whatever reason, he promised the Hida daimyo it would pass on to the Crab upon his death. Basically, I’m changing the wording of what he said, all those years ago.
“It will pass on to my grandson upon my death. Whether he is Unicorn or Crab is yet to be seen. But I am unwed.”

So yes, the plan is to run some kind of wedding scenario. So far, it looks like I’ll be putting it either in Shiro Ide, since it’s the big Unicorn diplomatic concern, or Shiro Koatsuki no Higashi (Face of the East Castle), which is basically the same thing but for Crab lands.
I have a feeling I might throw it into Crab lands, if only for what I have planned.

So there’s an inter-clan wedding. And since it’s the Unicorn and the Crab, I might be able to manage an excuse for some kind of hunt in the nearby mountains and forests. And maybe a ghost story or something as extra flavour.
There’s also the question of the other sword in the set, which was forged for the Phoenix clan, and that’s where it’s ended up currently. Plenty of room for some more political manoeuvring and stuff.

The big issue I’ll be facing is converting all the things into 4th edition, and making sure the rules aren’t that much different. I have a good hunch as to how to add some neat twists in, and some unexpected surprises.
Luckily, a lot of the NPCs are already made and sitting happily in my head – there’s the two Crab samurai who adventured into the Shadowlands too, the Phoenix clan rival, and I got bored one day and bluebooked some downtime involving the rest of the Unicorn family.

If I actually manage to run this, and I really hope I do, then there’ll be play reports I’m sure. Maybe I’ll write them out as short stories again.
Though last time I tried that, I made the first 5 minutes of a game into 2000 words pretty easily. So maybe I shouldn’t.

If I don’t run it, it’ll have to stay as fiction I think. We’ll see how this works.

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