It’s all coming together

Quick time news burst!

Stonekin (dwarves) removed from the setting (for now)!
Wildfolk (leafy elves) now do even more, with feathers too!
Crowfolk and Ratfolk removed from the game! Partly folded into Darklings (swampy elves).
Draken and Wyvings renamed – now two colours of Lizardfolk!
Wode renamed Beastfolk (though the Wode will be an example tribe name).

Trying my best to describe roughly each area of Queenstown and the Old Crown, with little snippets of names for flavour to hook onto adventures.
Kingsmead is now a sample town, replete with plot hooks and secrets and fiddly bits. There will be something similar for the Outwall area of Queenstown.

Everything else is just rumour, hearsay, and nuggets of fun so that someone can take what I’ve given them and craft their own world.

Partially inspired by Zak’s post here, I want people to have fun in my setting, but make it their own. That’s why I’m leaving so many blanks.

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