Tout’s Guide to Undersigil

Mind your head there sirrah, you have to really duck under that arch. I promise that’s the last of them, and the smell of whatever-that-was back there will probably wash out.
Now, Undersigil. There’s plenty of ‘under’ to a city this big, and everything below the streets is technically Undersigil. I’ve brought you to this bit, because it’s clearly the best. I think we’re somewhere under the Clerk’s Ward here… Yes, I know it was a bit of a trek, but I promise it’s worth it!

First of all, let’s show you some of this bustling part of town, called Gutterdown by most.
We’ve got the Fluffy Duck tavern over there, though I’d steer clear if I was you. Ruffians singing showtunes is weird even for Sigil.
And that’s Tally Alley. You’ll want to head there if you want to make a wager. Doesn’t matter what on, there’s plenty of takers for outlandish bets. Watch out for some of the card sharps though.

This avenue is called The Sweeps, or was the last time I checked. They rename bits of town around here. There’s a sort of square just here that hosts the Goblin Market, whenever they feel like running it. Looks like that’s not today. Third best mushroom wine in the city, squire, and the other places don’t come cheap!

Keep going that way and you reach Rat Town. A bunch of mousefolk and were-rats took up residence and now can’t be shifted. Suits me though, I don’t go that way – gets too close to the Underhive for my liking.
If you thought the Hive was a horrible and dangerous place to live, I advise you don’t wander into the Underhive. Especially not with any jink on you!

Ah, now this is more like it.
The high-ups in Sigil passed an ordinance for the first time in years and banned punch bowls of all things. No one quite understands why. Down here, they don’t much care though, which is why you’ll find colourful establishments like Blackeye’s Punch House. I can recommend it squire, and I’m not just saying that because I owe him money!

And that there is Pawn’s. It’s a handy enough place to offload unwanted magical junk. Surprisingly fair prices, until you need to buy it back. No idea why he ended up down here and not in the Markets up top.

That about wraps up what I like about down here and… oh, would you look at that? They put a stairway in. I guess we don’t have to find our way back through the sewers then! Where does this pop out at I wonder?

Undersigil includes catacombs, sewers, deep cellars, hidden pathways and secret meeting chambers, so why not make it inhabited too?

A lot of the folk living under the ground don’t come up to the surface during daylight for one reason or another, or are in trouble with the various powers-that-be.
Whilst not entirely lawless, Undersigil enjoys a little more laissez-faire when it comes to the various city ordinances, which for some reason only apply to the cobbled streets of the city and not to their shadowy counterparts beneath.
As long as the goings on don’t annoy The Lady of Pain, stuff goes on that would otherwise be cracked down on above.

Most factions are also unwelcome, although there’s a few Free Leaguer, Xaositects and Anarchists about the place, plotting the various things they are wont to plot.

There are more than a few portals down here too. If heading to the Shadowfell, several of the Negative Energy Planes, or, for some reason, Arcadia or the Ethereal Plane, one can find a glut of routes down in Undersigil, though scant few to anywhere else.

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