State of Play – an update

In case anyone was wondering what I'm up to behind the scenes, here it is: After The Haunted Mine and Satchel's Bag of Tricks, I jumped on a couple of different collaborative projects.I've spent the last month or so working on some NPCs that can be added to Candlekeep, to be released around the time … Continue reading State of Play – an update

Tout’s Guide to Undersigil

Mind your head there sirrah, you have to really duck under that arch. I promise that's the last of them, and the smell of whatever-that-was back there will probably wash out.Now, Undersigil. There's plenty of 'under' to a city this big, and everything below the streets is technically Undersigil. I've brought you to this bit, … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Undersigil

Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Lady’s Ward

Here we are, sirrah, The Lady's Ward. Notice the horrible lack of taste to the air here, the sensation of always being watched, the razorvine carefully grown around the tops of all these high walls. All sure signs there's rich folk about! This part of the city is all fortified estates and big empty streets, … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Lady’s Ward

Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Guildhall Ward

Well sirrah, didn't I tell you? Best rat on a stick in the city! Crunchy bones and they even leave all the fur on!Now, most folk think of this place as part of the Market Ward, and there's plenty of overlap, but plenty of little differences too. First of all, there's hardly any decent flophouses … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Guildhall Ward

Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Clerk’s Ward

Well, sirrah, I think we gave those chancers the laugh. Very well handled, I must say. Well noticed to jump those tripwires in Tenfoots.Where are we now? L... Land... of... Green... Gin... Ginger? I think that's near the Hull Road, so we're not far from one of the main thoroughfares of the Clerk's Ward. Phew! … Continue reading Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Clerk’s Ward