Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Clerk’s Ward

Well, sirrah, I think we gave those chancers the laugh. Very well handled, I must say. Well noticed to jump those tripwires in Tenfoots.
Where are we now? L… Land… of… Green… Gin… Ginger? I think that’s near the Hull Road, so we’re not far from one of the main thoroughfares of the Clerk’s Ward. Phew!

Now, here’s the thing about this place. It’s next to the madness of the Hive but it’s all calmness and serenity. On the surface anyway. There’s layers of bureaucracy that even mean clerks in the same office are working against each other. That’s just the way it shakes out in Sigil though!

Here’s our first main feature – the Permit Office. You want to do anything one might consider out of the ordinary, you’d best wait in line here. Just bring provisions for a few days, it can take a while sometimes.
Opposite side of the street, you’ll of course find the Tower of Licensed Debauchery. I hear it’s one of the dullest places to earn jink in the whole of the Cage, but each to their own I suppose.

This here is the Intersection. A whole bunch of main roads in all the wards end up here, if you keep following them in a straight line. Some of them are barely alleyways at certain points along their routes mind.
Just near the Intersection is Simple Square, named after a basher named Simple Simon. Had a hand in writing all kinds of legislation, really wanted everyone to do what he said. Most parades in the city pass though here, and you can fight people for a good view from the top of the Sigil Book Depository over in that corner or the Gassy Gnoll tavern over there.

And this here is the Post Office, so named by a few reformed Knights of the Post who decided the cross-trade wasn’t for them and they’d rather go legit. Weird name for it if they were.
They have a whole load of messengers that run around the city and to some of the Planes with letters and packages. Fees are pretty expensive for it but it pays really well.
They won’t hire me though, on account of that Incident I had with the baboon.

Fancy some tucker? I know a place in the Guildhall Ward that serves a great rat on a stick!

The Clerk’s Ward might be a wealth of information and professional public servants, but many bodies find it a dull and dry place to visit.
Of course, they just haven’t found the right place to visit.

A lot of information pours into the Clerk’s Ward everyday, and some of that even manages to escape back out again, but there’s a huge number of people working hard to record everything and let others know what’s going on in Sigil and beyond.
And those public servants need a place to go at the end of a busy shift to unwind, and unwind they do!

Prost is one of the busiest bars in all of Sigil, and is a highlight of the city. Run by an old animated skeleton with a horse’s skull for a head (he’s actually a lovely chap), the place has a strange enchantment upon it where, once inside the door, everyone inside is of a convivial nature to one another, and able to refer to each other by their preferred name without an introduction (though they know no other details about each other).
It’s a little disturbing when a regular walks in and half the room shouts out their name though.

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