State of Play – an update

In case anyone was wondering what I’m up to behind the scenes, here it is:

After The Haunted Mine and Satchel’s Bag of Tricks, I jumped on a couple of different collaborative projects.
I’ve spent the last month or so working on some NPCs that can be added to Candlekeep, to be released around the time Candlekeep Mysteries drops, and I’m branching out into DrivethruRPG with a pawn shop in a system-neutral book of stores and shopfronts.

I’m still writing bits and pieces for other projects, brainstorming the outlines for a few different adventures. I’m looking back at old official stuff too, maybe looking to add some things to Princes of the Apocalypse. That’s a slow-burning project that’s taking a lot of time just to read the background for.

With the blog here, I’ve just about wrapped on the Tout’s Guide to Sigil series (I might add some more in the future) and I’m still working on some stuff for How to DM. I have a couple of reviews in the works that need finishing and polishing, and then I might revisit a couple of my settings to take another look at them and air out some new ideas.

Hopefully I can throw out a bunch of new stuff here and keep on top of my writing for publication too! It’s working out OK so far.

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