And a Happy New Year!

Not much to report - I haven't had a lot of writing time over the festive period, between spending time with family and having a toddler catch covid! In the meantime, I've done a bit more writing on the Hall of the Red Earl, and played around with a new Raspberry Pi (so I might … Continue reading And a Happy New Year!

State of Play – an update

In case anyone was wondering what I'm up to behind the scenes, here it is: After The Haunted Mine and Satchel's Bag of Tricks, I jumped on a couple of different collaborative projects.I've spent the last month or so working on some NPCs that can be added to Candlekeep, to be released around the time … Continue reading State of Play – an update

Satchel’s Bag of Tricks

I've recently released my second product on DMsGuild - Satchel's Bag of Tricks.This is an item supplement for Six-guns and Sorcery adventures, so an ideal accompaniment to my first product A Town Called Mud: The Haunted Mine. And you can even get them both together in a bundle for the price of just my adventure. … Continue reading Satchel’s Bag of Tricks