Satchel’s Bag of Tricks

I’ve recently released my second product on DMsGuild – Satchel’s Bag of Tricks.
This is an item supplement for Six-guns and Sorcery adventures, so an ideal accompaniment to my first product A Town Called Mud: The Haunted Mine. And you can even get them both together in a bundle for the price of just my adventure.

I decided to do something different for my second go around, and I took my time over it a bit too. It meant I could also correct my old stuff at the same time, and build a bit more cohesion between the two.

So what do you get in Satchel’s?

  • Mundane items – Portable soup (power creep rations!), ponchos (power creep padded armour!) and some firearms, including the Pepperbox from the Haunted Mine.
  • Trinkets – A deck of marked cards with strange suits, an antique butter knife, and an especially comfortable hat all made the list.
  • Magic items – Enchanted bullets that do elemental damage instead of piercing damage, a magical robot horse, and a Gunbelt of Gond to rival the Quiver of Ehlonna. The boomstick also makes a return.

If that sounds like something you like the sound of, hey, great. As a thanks to the first fifteen people that read all the way to the bottom of this blog post, you can have Satchel’s Bag of Tricks for half price!

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