Notion and Dragons

I wrote a little while ago about my experience with Microsoft OneNote for organising my D&D notes. I wasn’t a huge fan.

I started hearing about Notion around the start of lockdown (I think, maybe earlier) but didn’t get a chance to give much of a look at it.
My first real introduction was just before the start of the RPG Writer Workshop in November, when Ashley Warren hosted a video on her Twitch (though this link is to the YouTube copy) explaining a bit about how it worked and her writing process with it.

I was hooked almost straight away.

It’s a little similar to OneNote, though if felt more responsive and cleaner in design, and felt a lot easier to pick up. I also had a much easier time importing templates into it.
I’ve mostly been using Notion to store notes for writing. I’m not currently running a game or I’d talk about using it for that too.

Now, maybe it’s just me and I couldn’t get used to OneNote. But plenty of other people have posted stuff online about Notion.
SlyFlourish’s post on Notion also has a nice template to work with, and there’s lots of videos on YouTube explaining various functions, or reviews of Notion from an RPG perspective.

The main difference with OneNote is that there’s no offline presence (without paying?). But I’m currently online all the time, thanks to my phone in my pocket and lockdown, so that hasn’t really affected me.

So basically, I recommend you give Notion a try. It worked for me much better than OneNote, and I’ve been using it constantly since November 2020.

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