Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Market Ward

Wotcha sirrah. Still want that tour then?
OK, we’ll start with and easy one. Let’s go shopping.

You’ve been here a little while I take it? Good, then I’ll skip the talk about the dabus, sedan chairs, jink and razorvine wine.
This here is the centre of the multiverse. I know, I know. Maybe “everyone and everything is the centre of their own multiverse”, or whatever it is those folk say, but let’s focus on the city for a bit. And since it’s the centre, it’s one of the easiest places to get to if you want to trade with other parts of the multiverse, right?
That’s what the Market is for.

This here’s the bazaar, where the rich and poor rub shoulders whilst they buy all kinds of different things. Sure, the rich go and seek out their finest ingredients or what have you, and the poor go and buy the stuff that actually tastes good and comes in normal-sized portions. But it costs a lot to eat that badly!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. So many stalls, where do I got first. Well, the different trades tend to bunch together. You want to eat, head to that end. You want to buy something from a smithy, go that way. In the middle is where you find some of the weirder stuff like portal keys and magic doodads. Personally, I prefer to follow the crowd and see what new stuff is grabbing people’s interests.

A lot of this stuff comes through the portals each morning and the merchants head out once they sell out or get bored or can’t carry any more jink, back off to who knows where. Plenty more of them switch places with one another. Sigil never sleeps, there’s always a customer, and this market never really stops.
A good bit of the stuff here is made in Sigil of course. Will we go see where next?

The Market Ward is a busy, vibrant, cosmopolitan area of the city. Jink is all that matters here, so if you have it you’ll get a warm (-ish) welcome.

Along with the Great Bazaar, there’s plenty of smaller souks, a few shopping arcades, and various streets lined with sellers sat on rugs with their wares laid out beside them.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the places you could visit:

Thurgi’s Smithy
Thurgi is a cantankerous dwarf, but a master of his craft. If you need something made from mithril or adamantine, this is where you should come. If you provide the raw materials, he’ll even do you a good deal on the end products!

Bytopian Enchantments
The double-headed hollyphant on the shingle outside this store in the Arcades is known as a symbol of quality. The magic items for sale here might be pricey, but they’re well made and function better than those found elsewhere.

The Miller’s Daughter
When an adventurer always dreams of retiring and opening their own tavern, but inexplicably finds themselves out in the Planes, they open a place like the Miller’s Daughter.
This small public house on the edge of the Ward is known for friendly service, and for taking no nonsense from any of the patrons – you really wouldn’t want to get the owner or her deva wife involved!

Mr. Sfdkxxtkjdfjkx’s Abyssal Coffee
The best cup of coffee to be found in Sigil, bar none. Sat on the crossroads of two of the main thoroughfares of the Market Ward, sitting and drinking the very dark roast they are famous for is a great way to pass the time.
Don’t forget to check the specials board for the fantastic range of cakes. Sfdkxxtkjdfjkx is actually one of the better bakers in the Ward.

Fudge’s Mechanical Marvels
A newcomer to Sigil, Horatio P. Fudge has quickly built a small fortune selling mechanical toys to the wealthy of Sigil.
Whilst the best-seller is undoubtedly his clockwork hopping frog, he also accepts commissions to build clockwork companions that function much like the real thing.

Right, keep following me this way sirrah, and we’ll take a look at the foundries in the Lower Ward.

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