Tout’s Guide to Sigil – Lower Ward

Right, sirrah, here we go. The Lower Ward.

This place is packed with portals that dump you in the Lower Planes, hence the name. I suppose if there were a few more to the Plane of Fire, this’d be the Fire Ward, or the Efreeti Ward, or something stupid like that.
All the other wards have more sensible names, if you ask me. Whoever came up with this one was having an off day.

This is where you find all the workshops, warehouses, the good alehouses, and the best smog in the city.
Breathe that in sirrah, that’s pure and thick, not been through barely any bodies over here. You can practically chew it! Lovely stuff.

So what would someone like you want to come to the Lower for, eh? Well, if you want some well-made arms or armour, there’s plenty to choose from here. The stuff in the Market Ward is good, but there’s a tendency to embellish over there too. You need something dependable? Take a look down Smithy’s Lane, over there.
If you’re headed to any of the Lower Planes, you’ll end up around here too, but there’s reliable doors to Elemental Fire and Earth, if you know who to ask, and down at the Docks there’s even ships that sail off into Elemental Water and the Astral. If you take the Iron Staircase up that tower above there, you’ll find ships moored that head to Elemental Air and someplace called the Empty Sphere. I hear that’s a Prime, and I don’t really bother with them, so you’ll have to ask someone else about that.
Same goes for those sods walking off down that street – see them all holding their breath? Goes somewhere called Bral, and the breath in your lungs is the portal key. Went down their once. It was dark, I don’t recommend it.

Now sirrah, you’re wearing armour yes? Got a blade too? Good, let’s go to the Hive then.

As the centre of Sigil’s industry, the Lower Ward is a constant hum of activity, from great foundries and smaller smiths to the movement of goods onto and off the ships in the Docks.
It’s also one of the easiest places to drop into and out of in the whole of Sigil, between elemental portals, hellish portals, abyssal portals, and those that seem to take sailors wherever they want to go.

The biggest hazard of the Lower Ward is razorvine. As the only plant to grow happily in Sigil, it’s remarkable that it would prefer the environs of the industrial centre of the city, but there we go.
It’s also here that different varieties of the plant can be found, each somehow worse than the last. Some have their blade-like thorns slick with poison, some deal debilitating necrotic damage with even the slightest cut, and stories go that there’s a migratory plant in the ward that captures and consumes victims to further its growth.

Then there’s the delicious smog. Yummy.

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