And a Happy New Year!

Not much to report – I haven’t had a lot of writing time over the festive period, between spending time with family and having a toddler catch covid!

In the meantime, I’ve done a bit more writing on the Hall of the Red Earl, and played around with a new Raspberry Pi (so I might be able to run FoundryVTT shortly…), and fleshed out some notes I had for my long-term Princes of the Apocalypse rewrite.

So, whilst I work on getting something (anything) published in January, I’m going to have a bit of a sale too.

A Town Called Mud: The Haunted Mine is a wild-west adventure you can drop in many settings.
This was my first product published on the Guild. There are gunfights, bandits, zombies, and a wannabe lich!
Now just $1.49!

Satchel’s Bag of Tricks is a collection of adventuring equipment and magic items made as a counterpart to The Haunted Mine. Inside you’ll find magic bullets, comfortable ponchos, and an arcanomechanical horse.
Now just $0.49!

Puckish Patrons gives you three new Otherworldly Patrons for your warlocks, rather than just the Archfey – The Goodfellow, the Púca, and the Rainbow Faerie Wyrm. Each gives different options, but still in the realm of Fey magic.
Now just $0.99!

The Frog-Cursed are the unfortunate mortals that are cursed by the fey into the shape of a frog – or nearly so.
Based on the dark lineages from Ravenloft but with a Feywild twist, a player could even acquire (or shed) this lineage during play.
Now just $0.49!

Barok’s Miscellany of Dragonblood brings new character options and monsters to your table. Sentinel Drakes and Spellscales as new race options, the Ux bring back the Dragonborn of Bahamut from 3rd edition and makes them a new lineage that can even be earned during play, the Draconic Heritage background, Song Dragon group patron, a new version of the detect treasure spell, and 15 different feats to support the new races and adding dragon flavor to old ones, AND THEN 13 new monster stat blocks for DMs to use featuring Dragonspawn as well as updates of the 3rd edition monsters the Huitzl and the Phynxkin.
Now just $2.49!

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