Belated promotion of a new product

So, there was no blog post last Saturday…
No reason, I just forgot to write one. I was clearly too busy celebrating having published a new product on DMsGuild!

Utility Tattoos is a series of 18 magical tattoos, using the rules presented in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, but focused on cantrips and tools, and minor magical items.

Some of the tattoos allow access to cantrips, some give tool proficiency or even level 1 spells, but all with limited uses to keep them accessible to novice adventurers and low-level goons alike.

Want to summon a blade to your hand like a warlock, or peel a battering ram or ladder of your skin when you need one? Now you can!
Want to cast various light-based spells, such as light, dancing lights, and faerie fire? Now you can!
Want to manifest iridescent dragonfly wings when you cast fly? Feel free my friend!

Utility Tattoos is available on DMsGuild for just $0.50.

And a reminder that you can also pick up every product I wrote solo on DMsGuild between the start of December 2020 and the start of January 2022 in a half-price bundle for $7, if that floats your boat!

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