And a Happy New Year!

Not much to report - I haven't had a lot of writing time over the festive period, between spending time with family and having a toddler catch covid! In the meantime, I've done a bit more writing on the Hall of the Red Earl, and played around with a new Raspberry Pi (so I might … Continue reading And a Happy New Year!

A series of rejected sequel titles

One year on, and my biggest moneymaker is still A Town Called Mud: The Haunted Mine. It has yet to reach a bestseller medal though.I've thought long and hard in the intervening year about how to write a sequel, or a prequel, or just another western-inspired adventure, but I've not managed to come up with … Continue reading A series of rejected sequel titles

Out West and the Haunted Mine

As I've mentioned a few times now, I participated in the RPG Writer Workshop back in November, writing and publishing an adventure to DMsGuild.(You can still get the adventure as part of a bundle with other products from other creators, and save yourself a bunch of jink by buying it all at once.) The Haunted … Continue reading Out West and the Haunted Mine