How to DM V – Dream big

Last time, I talked about the bottom up setting creation method, or starting small. This time, I'm going to go the opposite way, the top down method, or starting big. As you might be aware of if you've checked into the campaign settings here on the blog, I tend to start big. I try to … Continue reading How to DM V – Dream big

How to DM IV – Start small

So you've decided that none of the published adventures are what you want to run, and you want to build your own world. Congratulations! You're a homebrewing Dungeon Master / Game Master! There's several ways to build a new game, but a good way to categorise them is either top down or bottom up. The … Continue reading How to DM IV – Start small

State of Play – an update

In case anyone was wondering what I'm up to behind the scenes, here it is: After The Haunted Mine and Satchel's Bag of Tricks, I jumped on a couple of different collaborative projects.I've spent the last month or so working on some NPCs that can be added to Candlekeep, to be released around the time … Continue reading State of Play – an update

How to DM III – What are we playing?

I'm going to cheat a little bit with this post, but we'll circle back later on and hopefully make it right!I've called this series How to DM, so we're going to start by looking at Dungeon Masters - which means we're playing Dungeons and Dragons, since it's super popular and a known gateway to playing … Continue reading How to DM III – What are we playing?

How to DM II – a quick overview

My last post focused on the Why of DMing, so let's make a start on the How of doing it. There's a bunch of places you can go to pick up some quick tips for starting out. Run to YouTube, watch people run games in person and virtually. Watch videos of people giving advice for … Continue reading How to DM II – a quick overview

How to DM

At the end of November, I ran across this tweet by Alyssa Visscher. This is, I think, exactly the reason it took me years to pick up the Dungeon Master's Guide - I already knew the contents after years of playing these games, so why bother with this product? In the end, the main reasons … Continue reading How to DM