RPGaDay 2020 prompt 7 – Couple

I wasn’t sure what to talk about for this prompt, but I had a couple of ideas!
(I’ll wait for your delighted guffawing to subside…)

I’m currently working on a couple of new things.

First, I’m trying to pull together some ideas for a Planescape adventure involving Saurials.
Saurials are basically Dino-people who had been used as slaves by an evil Forgotten Realms god named Moander. There were a few instances of them in some older additions, notably Dragonbait the NPC or as a playable race in the Complete Book of Humanoids, where I first encountered them.
I’ve always thought they were kind of cool but was never satisfied with how they’re generally presented.
So, currently, my idea is that they’re appearing all across the Outlands in small numbers, even whole villages, and there’s a lot of chant about old ruins and how maybe they’re showing up on other Planes too. They’re not coming from The Lost Vale in Faerun though, these Saurial are arriving from the Saurial home plane!
And I think they’re being chased for some reason yet to be determined.
Who could chase beings across Planes? Well, why not beings who love messing with portals? Enter the Spellweavers!
I was reminded of these baddies recently, and I love the idea of using two lost races together. I’m thinking they’re after some kind of ancient portal relics that the Saurials have access to but haven’t told anyone about, or don’t even know they have (hence the ruins). There are ways to throw in former followers of Moander too maybe – have them being strung along by the Spellweavers in some way.

It’s a work in progress.

My other idea goes back to Republic again, my Roman D&D idea. This one is much more brief and barely formed.
I want the Immortal Republic to have conquered a lot of places and peoples, and have (for want of a better word) civilised them.
I’m thinking Legionaries from all over ‘the colonies’ as well as ‘the provinces’ (i.e. much earlier colonies), so some are elves, some are dwarves, some are lizardmen, some are leonin.
Now, the Immortal Republic has run up against another immovable force – either some other kind of empire or something else entirely.
I think I have a couple of options here – either we go planar and they’re stuck conquering somewhere else or they’ve hit an Ancient China analogue that’s also been doing the same thing – so it’s also filled with kenku, tabaxi, spiritfolk/elves, dragonborn.
I suppose I could potentially bash them together and have one Prime Material meeting another and it not going well, or they’re both conquering a middle place.

Another big work in progress, but much earlier in the thinking process here!

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