Immortal Emperor

Back when I started in college, I played in a 3rd ed D&D game set in a pseudo-Rome with an immortal emperor. We’d been sent off to the far north/fake Rheinland to help defend against Cthulhuesque monsters, and then we’d headed across a southern ocean towards a version of Alexandria. We were about to explore a tomb/dungeon.

But then the game stopped and it never went any further. I found out later there was some kind of prophecy and magical implements to collect from the four corners of the world (east and not-exactly-Greece was our next destination).

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point was the immortal emperor and how that would affect an empire like Rome. Or Byzantium later on. Or another empire altogether.
And then, of course, I started thinking of a new game setting. I should probably pick one at this stage, but it’s started now, and I’ve just cleared off two quick ones. I can go back to the slow burners with too much detail whenever!

So, a setting with an immortal leading an empire. How did that happen? Is he really immortal or reincarnating? I think I prefer the second idea – there’d be a sort of cyclical nature to the empire, and an expansion and contraction phase during the course of the lifetime.
Hmmm. So is this being a bodhisattva or something? Or a lama? How does that work?

I also have an odd feeling this is going to get tied into another idea that’s started bubbling away. Oh dear.

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