Worlds still to visit

Today, I thought I’d post a little sequel to one from a while ago, this time looking forward to places to go instead of back to places I’ve been.

Underdark –

I’ve never played an Underdark game, though know the setting from Neverwinter Nights. I remember flicking my way through Out of the Abyss when it came out, but I’ve still not had a chance to take my chances in the darkness.
I’ve also never read a Drizz’t book – I know, sacrilege! But I do read an eclectic mix of stuff, and the Forgotten Realms never really drew me in, other than in videogames. I’d much rather pick up something from the Malazan Empire or Discworld.

Forgotten Realms –

I’ve played exactly two adventures in the Forgotten Realms – the Lost Mines of Phandelver and a short stint during 3rd edition as a guest in an ongoing FR campaign where my Kenku Rogue showed up in Amn. Oh, and I suppose one session of Temple of Elemental Evil in 5e before I gave up because Roll20 was too fiddly for me (or it was when I had no maps ready for the session and wanted to add one in quickly).

That Amnian game was a blast though. Playing an outsider to the area from Var the Golden in the Shining South, it was easier not to know what was going or on how anything really worked. Plus, I instigated a jailbreak and it worked really, really well.

Planescape –

Unlike Neverwinter Nights, I never played Planescape Torment, and live to regret it. It’s one of those games that seems to be on everyone’s list of best games, but I’ve never set aside time to have a look. I have managed to read some of the books for the setting though, and wow is it big and compelling.
Definitely one I’ve wanted to run or play for ages but I’d need to read more and actually dip my toe into the videogame.

Dark Sun –

You guessed it – read it but never played. The closest I’ve been is the Penny Arcade podcasts. I’ve read Dark Sun material in 3rd and 4th edition but not had much of a chance to dive in. I dig the feel of the dying world, and it’s definitely informing my ideas for Dust.

Eberron –

Never played Eberron, but bought a bunch of the 3rd edition books. Probably the setting I’ve borrowed from most without actually visiting – between Golem in the Old Crown and airships in Cambria and Changelings and Shifters in the Endless Sea. I remember being annoyed when it came out because I’d built an electro-magical monorail in my own setting just previously and thought it a nifty idea; probably the first time I knew I was brilliant but a little behind the curve!

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